Join The  Study

The Booby Grow Study is an initiative to help women increase their breast size and firmness in only 4 months. 

Our goal for this program is to ensure a minimum growth of 1/2 cup size for each women in the program. We have worked with many women who have found that they experience changes within the first month of taking the product, but a full 16 weeks can be common for women to reach the maximum results.  A partial refund is available for women who follow the program but do not achieve these minimum results.​

The Booby Grow Study Kit Includes

​1. A four month supply of Booby Grow Formula + one month free***
2. eBook on Nutrition for Breast Development
3. Before and After photo procedures & custom nipple covers
4. Structure for tracking your results​
5. Sixteen Weeks of phone and email support​ ​

*** One month free of Booby Grow Formula will be given to those that share their results by photo and written testimonial using nipple covers

Cost of The Study
The cost of the study will be $250.00 CAD + HST, if paid up front, or $75.00 CAD + HST per month if paid by subscription payments

What To Expect

  • ​A minimum growth of 1/2 cup size to a full 1+1/2 cup size 
  • A noticeable firmness in your breasts.
  • A fullness of shape that will out your bra​​.​​

3 Important Factors for Success with Booby Grow

1. A general understanding of their overall health history in relation to hormone levels.
2. A solid baseline of fat and protein calories necessary to sustain breast development.
3. You may increase dosage by up to 15% if you have a higher than normal metabolism.

What Boobygrow is NOT
Boobygrow will NOT just artificially inflate your breasts during menstruation
Boobygrow is NOT the process of retention of water.
Boobygrow is NOT the result of an increase in body fat.

Please note that those participants in the study will be required to report on where they are in their cycle to be able to ensure that all results produced are independent of a major factor involved in breast size. The Boobygrow Study will be include covering the nutritional basics and must-do’s, and the nutritional and lifestyle do-not’s if you want to optimize your breast-enhancement results. We are committed to helping each woman create the body that they desire.​​​


​Before you may opt-in, you must meet the following requirements;

  • You must be 18 + years of age.
  • ​You must not be taking any mood-altering or cholesterol enhancing medication.
  • ​​You must be willing to be in communication throughout the 16 week period, to report on any and all changes.
  • You must be willing to commit to taking the herbs and doing the lifestyle changes for the full 16 weeks.​
  • You must be willing to take progress photos.
  • ​You must sign the agreement waiver​

If you meet all of the above requirements then please sign up for the study below;​. Once you have joined the study you will be contacted within 7-10 days in order to purchase your Booby Grow Study Kit. Once you begin the program we will check in with you and help you to keep track of your results.

THOSE THAT DO NO RECEIVE 1/2 cup size increase, or more, will receive $100 CAD back. The Terms and Conditions to receiving the 100 CAD back will depend on being able to provide visual proof/measurement proof that no result was produced. The refund will be given in either cash/credit card or Paypal.