4 Factors That Change Your Breasts


Here are the 4 common factors that may have changed your breasts:

Birth control
Contraceptives given to women will often be made up of estrogenic compounds that create changes in your breasts. It is not uncommon for women to experience a change in their breast size when birth control is started. This is due to the increase in estrogen within their bodies.

Have you ever noticed that your breasts are more swollen looking and the nipples are peaked when you are playing in the bedroom? This is because your circulation has increased and the breasts have sensitive nerve endings that will respond within the tissue, and become hardwired to rush blood and create a more swollen shape and size.

Cardiovascular activities, while they will stimulate circulation, may not always form fuller breasts. Boxing, running, jumping, and heavy-duty cardiovascular activities will often create a smaller looking chest, unless measures are taken to prevent otherwise.

Weight Changes
Whether you have dieted and discovered that your breasts have become smaller, or gained more mass and resulted in larger breasts, food intake is a common way that your breasts can change in their appearance. Often this increase or decrease in breast size is due to changes in fat composition.

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